Goal Setting – Never Too Early to Start

Imagine a scenario where your child is pushing you to get up from your afternoon nap to take her for her basketball class (the same class she was being dragged to last month)! “What is wrong with her, did the sun rise from west today?”, you wonder as you sleepily grab your keys. And then... Continue Reading →


Time Management – Urgent vs. Important

You are buried deep in your own ‘To Do’ list when your phone rings. Its your daughter and she starts off by rattling out the list of absolutely urgent print outs she needs for her very urgent school project. You take a quick look at your watch and scramble to get prints from the office... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Tongue Twisters

Let's celebrate the Friendship Day Week by trying this Tongue Twister with your friends and having some laughs. PS: I made this myself 🙂 "My Friend's Fat Fish is Friendlier than my Fish's Friend" #TuesdayTongueTwisters 

Young Ambassadors

Its wonderful to see our first batch perform so well! Their words touched our hearts and made us want to do more! Here's what some of them had to say.  

Friendship Values I Teach My Son

Friendship Day is around the corner and it has made me wonder about the value of a true friend. In this journey of life I have made many friends, some very close. Now when I look around me I find myself surrounded with lots of loving faces and their warmth fills my heart. But at... Continue Reading →

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